Top 5 Elearning Templates in 2018

2018 has been a great year for us, with a lot of wonderful things happening, including being featured in Lectora 18, launching our own customizable courses and, of course, continuing to create beautiful eLearning templates!

As usual, we’ve gathered data about the previous year to learn what elearning templates have been the most popular among our users. So, without further ado, we proudly present TOP 5 favourite FasterCourse templates for each authoring tool!

Articulate Storyline Templates – Top 5


1. The Great Adventure

The Adventure Orange template has been one of the favourites throughout the year, and it’s really no wonder! These vibrant Storyline templates offer a great variety of interactive pages and inventive tasks that will really make your training stand out!

See for yourself: Storyline Adventure Orange template. Another shout-out goes out to the Adventure Purple set which has also gained a respectable number of fans: Storyline Adventure Purple template.


2. Getting Serious

The Anti-money laundering theme is still going strong and our users are happy to find a template set that’s perfect for this specific need. This template offers many great ways of presenting large amounts of information as well as data, making it very useful for finance-related training purposes.

Check out the demo here – Storyline AML template.


3. Testing Your Limits

Knowledge checks and tests are often an essential part of eLearning, so it’s no wonder that people are looking for new and interesting ways of making sure that the learners know what’s what. The Minimal Facelift Test template contains a variety of question pages, including classic simple or multiple choice tasks as well as several drag and drop interactions.

See for yourself: Storyline Minimal Facelift Test template.

Those who want their knowledge checks to include lots of images and video materials will find several great options in the Minimal Facelift Quiz set.

Check out the demo here: Storyline Minimal Facelift Quiz template.


4. Keeping it light

When it comes to design, there’s certainly something great about keeping it simple and light. Our Light Info and Click Reveal templates are still very well liked by our users and they are also among our personal favourites. Their fresh and modern look, combined with a variety of layouts and interactions, will allow you to create a great eLearning course on any subject matter.

Check out the demos here – Storyline Light Info template and Storyline Light Click and Reveal template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Storyline_Breeze

5. A delightful Breeze

Our Breeze template set creates a slightly less formal feel with a pop of vivid color as well as some distinctive icons and shapes. With info and click reveal pages as well as some test pages included, Breeze delivers everything you need to create a wonderful small course.

See for yourself: Storyline Breeze template.

Adobe Captivate Templates – Top 5

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Captivate_Light

1. More Light, Please

Same as for Articulate Storyline, our Adobe Captivate template users also appreciate the benefits of the sleek and modern Light template sets. It’s worth noting that, in the case of Captivate, you can also take full advantage of the responsive sets that will allow your learners to enjoy your eLearning course on any device they want.

Check out the demo here – Adobe Captivate Light Responsive template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Captivate_Dark

2. A trip to the darkside

Alongside the Light Captivate templates, the Dark template sets are also equally liked. Offering the same variation of different layouts as well as the responsive and fluid box features, our Dark templates bring joy to those who prefer a more earthy colour scheme for their eLearning.

Check out the demos here – Adobe Captivate Responsive Dark template and Adobe Captivate Responsive Dark Fluid Boxes template .

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Captivate_Mountains

3. Always on the climb

There’s something magical about the simplicity of our Mountain templates. There are no bells and whistles with this one, only straight-forward content and test pages enhanced by clean design. Sometimes that’s really all you need.

See for yourself: Adobe Captivate Mountains Responsive template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Captivate_Vectors

4. Fun times

Vibrant colors and shapes, inventive layouts and interactivity – all of this awaits in the Vectors template set. It really is one of a kind and allows you to present big amounts of content in new and interesting ways.

Check out the demo here – Adobe Captivate Vectors template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Captivate_Branching

5. Imagine a situation

Sometimes you really need your learners to understand how the knowledge you offer relates to their daily decisions. This is where the Branching scenario template comes in! A series of decision-making tasks is accompanied by a visual progress bar that lets you know how well (or badly) you’re doing.

Try it out here: Adobe Captivate Branching template.

Trivantis Lectora Templates – Top 5

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Lectora_Aml

1. Important matters

A long-time favourite among our Lectora template users, the Anti Money Laundering set has finally reached number one. The continuously topical subject is explored in a great variety of layouts, starting from simple info pages and ending with complex interactions.

Check out the demo here – Lectora AML Responsive template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Lectora_Cales

2. Let them eat cake

The complete opposite of our number one Lectora template set, our yummy Cakes templates will cheer you right up! Like a proper cake, these templates not only look delightful, but are also filled with great things. Timelines, hotspots, sliders – you name it, we have it!

See for yourself: Lectora Cakes Responsive template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Lectora_Minimal

3. Less is more

Our Minimal template sets are a living proof that minimal doesn’t mean boring. The Minimal Click and Reveal set will help you present content in a neat and attractive way and, should you choose to include some images, they will really stand out.

See for yourself: Lectora Minimal Click and Reveal template and Lectora Minimal Quiz template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Lectora_Oceanside

4. Plenty of fish in the ocean

Or should we say – plenty of templates? Our Blue Oceanside template set really offers you a lot of great choices for presenting content as well as checking knowledge, for example, by using scenario-based question templates.

Check out the demo here – Lectora Oceanside template.

Top Elearning Templates FasterCourse_Lectora_Countryside

5. Going wild

Those Lectora users who enjoy the variety of Oceanside templates, but prefer more lively visuals, will find what they are looking for in the Countryside template set. Bold use of colour and images really makes all the difference and will definitely catch the learner’s eye.

Check out the demo here – Lectora Countryside template.

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So, this concludes the list of top favourite FasterCourse templates in 2018. This is only a small part of our E-learning template library. Explore hundreds of course starters, games, click & reveal, info pages and test templates. Click the button below and see all of our e-learning templates!



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