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Free Storyline 360 template – Accordion interaction inspired by Nature

Free Storyline 360 Template – Tabs (Inspired by Latvian cuisine)

Free Storyline 360 Template – Can You Sell a Christmas Tree ? Game Template

Free Articulate Storyline Template – Slips and Trips + Explanatory Video

Free Storyline 360 Template – Hiking Trips

Free Storyline 360 Template – Baking Magic with Drag and Drop


Free Storyline 360 Template – Travel Maps


Free Storyline 360 Template – 2 Truths


Free Storyline 360 Template – Glassmorphism

Free Storyline 360 Template – Travel for the facts


Free Storyline 360 Template – Quiz Timer


Free Storyline 360 Template with Interactive Markers – The Perfect Cup of Coffee


Free Storyline 360 Template with Dialogs – Foodprint


Free Storyline 360 Template with Motion Path Triggers – Up In The Sky


Free Storyline 360 Template – Layers of Earth’s Atmospheres


Free Storyline 360 Template – Scenario With Multiple Points of View


Free Storyline 360 template – Fun Facts About Quentin Tarantino


Free Storyline 360 Elearning template – Dials


Free Storyline Template – Team Managers


Free Storyline 360 template – Timeline about Trains


Free Articulate Storyline Drag and Drop on Image Elearning Template


Free Articulate Storyline Multiple Choice Boxes Slide Elearning Template


Free Articulate Storyline Summary Slide Elearning Template


Free Articulate Storyline 360 Template – Best Office


Free Articulate Storyline 360 Template – Pick Your Movie


Free Articulate Storyline FAQ Page Elearning Template


Free Articulate Storyline Drag and Drop Boxes Elearning Template

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Can I change logo, colors and everything in these templates?
Absolutely, these are TEMPLATES! You are welcome to use them any way you like, add your logo, change colors, background, add texts, videos, images etc.
Feel free.
Can I use these templates for commercial purposes?
No, unfortunately our free templates are provided for non commercial use only and you can use them only for testing purposes. If you would like to use these templates for your commercial projects please consider subscribing to Fastercourse template library.
Do I need an Articulate License to work with these templates?
You will need an active Articulate Storyline license to create courses with these Storyline templates. These templates are fully compatible with Articulate Storyline 2, Articulate Storyline 3 and Articulate Storyline 360.