Is there a daily download limit?
No, there is no download limit.
How does the subscription work?
Once you have subscribed, you get an instant access to all templates and characters in the FasterCourse library. We constantly update the library with new stuff, and you get access to the new templates and characters free of charge as long as your subscription is active.
Can I access my FasterCourse account after my subscription has ended?
No, only active subscribers have access to our template library. But if you have downloaded the files on your computer for example, you can use them of course.
Can I use templates after the Subscription has ended?
Yes, you are welcome to use all templates you have downloaded also after your subscription has ended. There is no way we can control that and we don’t plan to put any limits on this anyway.
How can I cancel my Subscription?
You can do that in your Paypal account settings or alternatively send us an email to, please allow 2 working days for us to manually cancel your subscription.
Do I have to have a reason for cancelling Subscription?
No questions are asked; if you want to cancel, we respect that.
What if I need templates for only one authoring tool?
You will get acces to all templates, but you can use only the ones you need.
What payment options do you offer?
You can purchase FasterCourse subscription with Paypal, Credit Cards and Bank Transfer. If you have problems purchasing subscription please let us know by sending email to
How will I get my templates?
Once you have subscribed you will get an email with download links to all the template packages, and you can also access all templates by logging into FasterCourse. Here is a detailed description how to do that:
Can I download all templates at once or do I need to download them one by one?
You can do as you like. As long as your subscription is active you have access to all templates.
Do I need to purchase Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora or Adobe Captivate to use your templates?
Yes, you will need to purchase one of the authoring tools to work with our templates. You can find more information here – Storyline, Captivate and Lectora.
Can I change the logo?
Yes. These are templates, therefore you can change FasterCourse logo to your logo, remove logo at all, do what you like.
Can I change the colors used in template?
Yes. These are templates, therefore you can change colors of the template, the same goes for fonts, images and everything else.
Can I combine multiple templates in one course?
Yes, you can. But some templates have different dimensions, so if you combine them, you can end up with stretched images or more free space than designed, therefore you will need to reorder elements a bit.
Where can I change the menu items?
You need to go to the Slide Master and there you can access menu and help layers.
Where can I change the navigation buttons?
You need to go to the Slide Master and there you can access buttons as well as menu and help layers.
How to change colors for button states?
Most of the buttons are created with Storyline built-in shapes, so you can simply change them in the Format tab. To change colors for states for the button, you need to select the button and then go to States tab and select the needed state and then change the color.
How can I change images in the template?
You simply replace the given images with your images.
Can I use default Storyline player?
Yes, you can use the default Storyline player. To do so, you need to go to the Slide Master and delete (or hide) the not needed items from our custom buttons and layers.
Can I use these templates with any Storyline versions?
Most of our templates are created in Storyline 2, so you can use them with Storyline 2 or any newer version of Storyline.
Can I use these templates with other Articulate products?
No, these templates are compatible only with Articulate Storyline 2, Articulate Storyline 360 and Articulate Storyline 3.
Which Captivate version do I need to work with your templates?
You will need Adobe Captivate 9 or Adobe Captivate 2017.
Does all of your templates works with all Captivate versions?
Most of our templates works for both Captivate versions, but few of them are build only for Adobe Captivate 2017 and you won’t be able to open them in Adobe Captivate 9.
How can I know which templates work only for Adobe Captivate 2017?
They are labeled with CP 2017 in our template library.
Which Lectora version do I need to work with your templates?
Our templates works with Lectora 12 (limited variety), Lectora 16 and Lectora 17.