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Fastercourse LTD
Phone (USA): +1 (747) 999-8106
Company Registration Nr. 40103813640
VAT Registration Nr. LV40103813640
Legal Address: Stabu street 17, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011
Where is Latvia? One of the three Baltic States, part of the European Union, Eurozone, NATO, OECD etc. more info here

Official Note: SIA Fastercourse has received support from European Union ERAF fund for participating in international client, partner, investor meetings, conferences, and exhibitions abroad, as a part of startup support program from Latvian Investment and Development Agency. Contract number: IZ-L-2018/31, contract date: 9th of August, 2018.


Fun facts about Latvia:
We have world’s tallest women, according to this study
Riga, Latvia is the birthplace of Christmas tree
Two Latvians have three opinions about anything, no link needed…

Company History


Our story started in April 2007, when three university graduates met to discuss their ideas about e-learning development. All of this resulted in Novitus e-learning solutions ( being incorporated in July 2007 in Riga Latvia. Company since then is offering e-learning content development services for local Baltic clients, as well as outsourcing services for international clients in Sweden, Norway, UK, Switzerland and other countries.


Second chapter of our story began in 2010 when Novitus e-learning solutions started working with rapid e-learning development projects for its Swedish partners.


After 3 years we felt that we are getting really good at it, and we saw the huge value for the client for rapid e-learning development and we started offering e-learning template creation service and rapid e-learning development service to other clients as well locally and Internationally as well. For our international prospects we launched a separate webpage, we were struggling with marketing ideas, how to promote it, but then came our big break.

fastercourse story templates

We were spotted by CocaCola Enterprises UK, who offered us to create e-learning templates in serveral authoring tools for their internal needs to train 13 000 employees. Here is what they say about the experience working with us:

Novitus have delivered a quality and professional design solution adhering to brand and style guidelines. The service received has exceeded expectations, and was delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Coca-Cola Enterprises hopes to collaborate with Novitus again in the very near future”
Senior L&D Manager, Instructional Designer at Coca Cola Enterprises

This was a huge emotional boost for us – a small company from Latvia, to work for CocaCola Enterprises. We are very grateful for this opportunity, needless to say, Coke is our drink of choice in corporate parties, after beer of course :).


A year later we finally launched FasterCourse as a separate company, and we are now offering our accrued knowledge in the industry of creating templates for Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora and Adobe Captivate to the clients worldwide.

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Don’t be a stranger let us know if you have any questions? Or you would like us to help with some e-learning development? You are very welcome to ask questions before making purchase decision.

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