Best Captivate Responsive templates 2019

Are you planning your elearning production in Adobe Captivate? And of course, it has to be Responsive, modern, work well on all devices, and look better than you when you were 21. Why not use a modern design template, that has been predesigned and preprogrammed for a quick and efficient production work? Here are our top Captivate Responsive templates in 2019. All of them are built with the idea, that they need to be easily adapted for various instructional design styles and different company brand guidelines. We have built client projects with these templates and can testify in court if needed that they are easily scalable.

So here goes a list of suggested responsive Captivate templates (FasterCourse has more responsive templates, but we wanted to make an exclusive list, so some of them were left out). All of these templates have been built with responsiveness in mind from day 1. They were never meant to be desktop only, from the beginning we knew that these will be Captivate templates that must work great on mobile devices.

Urban Walk Captivate responsive template set

One of the latest developments in FasterCourse template library. This Captivate responsive template includes the latest developments in Captivate, allowing a modern development experience, and the whole style is very sleek and modern as well. 21 template that will make your elearning production look amazing. Here are some screenshots, and you can take a further look and see a full demo by clicking View. Really nice, kudos to our designer Janis.



Early Morning Captivate responsive template set

21 templates with everything you need to create a modern responsive elearning course in Adobe Captivate. Early Morning is easily adjustable template package that has been built fully responsive. Images, texts, audio and video files can be changed easily. Early morning gained popularity among our users due to its easily adjustable design, and can I say overall positive vibes in the design? Maybe it is the pictures, maybe the sheer minimalism in navigation icons and all objects, who knows, but this template has been used in 5 continents, and is growing in popularity among FasterCourse users.



Mission Bird Captivate responsive template set

This is one of my personal favorites, as you can choose your avatar in the beginning, and I just love that. All the characters used here are part of FasterCourse illustrated characters package, you can easily change them for other characters, see all characters here. Check out also the drag and drop interactivity with boxes opening once you drag the item over them, makes the page even more interactive. All 20 Captivate templates look great on mobile devices.



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