To open and use this template package you need to have Lectora 11 or a newer version of Lectora authoring tool.

This Guide consists of two parts: how to edit information in the pages and – what types of template pages you can find in this template package.

How to edit information in templates

This file is a reference guide to our template package. By having this guide you will gain a better understanding about our templates and be able to create your own Lectora courses.
We will guide you through the template pages and you will be able to create, for example, new chapters and pages. It will be an easy process because these template pages are already pre-designed and pre-programmed for your use.

Add new chapters and sections

To add new parts to your course, you need to use the highlighted area (see below) on the Home tab. For example, at first, you add a chapter and then you can add pages and sections to it. You can add as many chapters and pages as you want.FasterCourse City Template Home tab Ribbon menu

Here we have added a new chapter by pressing “Chapter” on the Home tab ribbon. Every chapter is created with a single page in it. You can later delete this page, if you will not use it.

FasterCourse City Template New Chapter page

 Add pages from the list of the available templates

Now we want to add one of the sample pages to the Chapter 2. To add, for example, “Text and Image” template page, you need to select it (already done) and choose “Copy” option from the right-click menu or press Ctrl+C. Then select Chapter 2 and Paste the page in it by using the right-click menu or pressing Ctrl+V. The page will be added to the chapter and you will only need to edit the information.

FasterCourse City Template Right click menu page

Reorganise pages or chapters

In order to reorganise the pages or chapters you need to select the section(s) you want to move and drag it to the desired place. For example, below you can see that the “Text and Image” page will be moved to the place after the “Assessment” page.

FasterCourse City Template Arrange pages
If you drag and drop one page, only that page will be moved along with the objects embedded in it. If you drag and drop whole section or chapter, it comes together with all the pages beneath it.

Delete an object, page, section or chapter

To delete an item, you need to select and delete it by pressing Delete or Backspace on the keyboard or you can do it by choosing the relevant option from the right-click menu.

FasterCourse City Template Right click menu page

 Change a text field

Here you can see a “Chapter intro solid” page with all of the objects in it. To edit, for example “Content” you need to double-click the field on the preview page or choose “Edit” option from the right-click menu on the Title Explorer. To make it easier for you, all text objects are marked as a “ ” symbol.

FasterCourse City Template Chapter Summary page
Change an image or background

If you want to change an image, you need to select the relevant object on the Title Explorer (in this case, it’s “case_sample_image1”) and then on the Ribbon under the Properties tab you can load a different image from your computer (see the highlighted area).

FasterCourse City Template Change Image menu page

The images and background are changed much the same in Lectora – to change a background, you need to select the background image and under the Properties tab you can find the corresponding field where to either browse from your computer or choose an image that is already stored in Lectora files.

Change a video

To change a video you also need to select the object you want to change and then under the Properties tab in the Video group (see highlighted) browse for a new video or use an existing one.

FasterCourse City Template Change Video menu page

Change an audio file

Similarly as for image and video files for changing an audio you need to select the object and then change it from the Properties tab.
FasterCourse City Template Change Audio menu page

To change the logo, you need to find the “ButtonLogo” group in the File Explorer (the upper of the menu). Open the group by clicking on the plus sign and then select “gui_logo”. Then under the Properties tab browse or select a new logo file. A logo is, of course, just a regular image; the only difference is that it is placed in the upper section of the File Explorer – it then will be visible in all of the course pages.

FasterCourse City Template Change Logo menu page

Change course title

To change the course title you need to select the {Course title} and click once more on it. Then you will be able to write your course’s title.
After you have changed the course title, it will be automatically updated on every page (you will see it once you have published the course).

FasterCourse City Template Change Course title menu page

 Changing titles for a chapter, page or any other element

To change a chapter’s title (currently the titles are named sequentially as Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and so on) you need to select the right object on the File Explorer and then under the Properties tab change it. The same applies for pages, sections and all the other content.

FasterCourse City Template Change Chapter name menu page

Add or remove a hotspot

To add a new hotspot to your page, you need to add a new hotspot group where you will select and copy one of the existing hotspot’s objects and then paste them in that new group. In this case we want to copy the Hotspot_3, so we have selected the “Audio_3”, “Hotspot_3”, and “HotspotPopup_3”.

FasterCourse City Template Hotspot menu page

To properly copy the hotspot so it functions afterwards, you need to go to the “reset_stage” and copy the ”Hide_HotspotPopup_3” and “Hide_hotspot3_click” to place them after existing ones. That hotspot should work properly without a name change, but it is better to rename new objects so that there is a unique name for each of them.

FasterCourse City Template Hotspot reset stage menu page
To remove the hotspot, you need to select elements as you would do to make a new hotspot. After you have selected the related object groups, delete them.

You can also change the location of the hotspot to a more appropriate one by selecting the right object on the preview page and moving it around the page.

Change the settings of a question

To change the settings (for example, if you want to change which of answers is the right one), you need to select the “Question 1” object on the File Explorer and then go to the Properties tab ribbon and select “Edit Question”.FasterCourse City Template Question tab page

In the screenshot below, you can see that you can edit the question text as well as the answer choices in the “Question Creator” window. Here you can choose which of the choices will be added as the correct one (the “Correct” column).FasterCourse City Template Question menu page

If you have a drag and drop question, you can also select the “Question 1” from the File Explorer and go to the Properties tab to access the question’s properties. For Drag and Drop questions the “Question Creator” looks a bit different (see below).

FasterCourse City Template Question menu page2

What types of templates are included in this package?

Basically you have two types of templates – info pages and test pages. Info pages usually consist of information about the course, theoretical materials and other information. You can have an info page with a simple text block or a more complex info page which is interactive – it can contain hotspots and other interactive elements. The chapter named “Info pages” contains simple pages with different text fields, as well as various interactive info pages with hotspots. We have also included three video pages with different aspect ratio – 16:9, 4:3 and YouTube size.

This template package provides you also with three different interactive quiz pages as well as more than a dozen of template pages for the test section.

Course Intro

Here you see a simple intro page containing a title and text beneath it (“Content” on the File Explorer menu) on the grey background. You can change textual content and audio on this page.

FasterCourse City Template Course Intro page

Course Intro with a Photo

This is a bit more complex page as it contains also a photo. You can change the title, content, audio and photo of course.FasterCourse City Template Course Intro with Image page

Blank page

Here you have a blank template. You can use it to build your own custom pages.FasterCourse City Template Blank page

 Text image

This page contains a title, text object, image and audio. Similarly to all of other pages you can change all of the content, including title, image, audio and text block. This is a static page, without interactivity.FasterCourse City Template Text Image page

You also have a “Text image wide” template – this template has a wider text area and a smaller image area. You can use this template if you need to display longer textual information.

Chapter summary

This is a summary page, containing a bulleted text object as well as a title, background image and audio file. It is good practice to place a page like this after every chapter to summarize it for the learner.

FasterCourse City Template Chapter Summary page

 Hotspot choice

This is an interactive info page, containing text, image and three hotspots located in the image area. When you click on the hotspot, the hotspot text overlays the text you see on the left side of the preview page. To change the hotspot text, you need to go to the “HotspotPopup_X” object group. Under this group you’ll find “gui_hotspot_popupX” – edit this to change the hotspot text. Each hotspot also contains its own audio file.FasterCourse City Template Hotspot Choice page

Charts with hotspot

In this template page you can insert a chart and it will have hotspots with multiple small text areas. Charts are inserted just like the image files (here it is the “gui_charts_sample” image). The main difference with the previous hotspot pages is that here you have no visible hotspot points.FasterCourse City Template Charts with Hotspots page


A timeline page consists of 5 steps – each one is a hotspot with small popups. To add more steps or remove some, you do the same as for a regular hotspot – mark the corresponding objects and delete or copy them. Remember, you can also change the hotspot location on the arrow by simply selecting and moving a hotspot on the preview screen. FasterCourse City Template Timeline page

Info menu

In this template page hotspots are different menu options. By clicking one of the three menu options, you get a large popup at the right side of the page. FasterCourse City Template Info Menu page

 Video 16:9

This is a simple video page with 16:9 aspect ratio, containing only a video screen. This page also contains video place holder image, this image is visible while the user hasn’t clicked video.

FasterCourse City Template Video page
You also have a “Video 4:3”template to use with videos with 4:3 aspect ratio and “Video YouTube Size” to use for YouTube videos.

Choice 2 Images

This is one of the interactive text pages.
This template consists of a text block and two images side by side. Each image represents a choice user can make. After clicking an image, a popup text is shown, as can be seen in a screenshot below.

FasterCourse City Template Case 2 Images page


This template is used as a quiz page, you have a question text and two possible answers. After the user has chosen one of the answer options, he gets a feedback, showing “Correct!” or “Incorrect!” and an explanation. To edit the question, you need to select the “Question” text object, but to edit the answer, you need to go under “Button_x” and edit “Label_x” text object. If you want to change the feedback, you need to select either “Feedback_title” or “Feedback_content” under the “Feedback_x” object group.FasterCourse City Template Question page

Conversation scenario

Use this template to create a conversation scenario. By clicking the “Continue” in the popup, the popup disappears, but a new one on the other side of the page appears. Right now there are 5 cases (popups) appearing on page one after another – if you want to add more, you need to copy “Audio_x” and “Case_x”. Also don’t forget to copy “OnGroup_hide_case_x” under “reset_stage” object group. To delete the case (popup), you need to mark these objects and delete them from the Title Explorer. As this page contains two images, remember that you can change these too as well as audio for each case.FasterCourse City Template Conversation Scenario page

Test start page

The test start page contains title and text box underneath it as you can see below. FasterCourse City Template Test Start page

Single answer question

This is the most common test page it contains question text and three answer options and only one of the answers is correct. To change the answer options, you need go to the “Question 1” group and edit the “Question Text” and/or the “Choice X text”. FasterCourse City Template Single Answer page

Drag and drop question page

This template is used to check if the user remembers, for example, correct order or importance levels of things placed in text boxes. You can add or remove drag & drop items by selecting “Question 1” and going to the Properties tab. FasterCourse City Template Drag and Drop page

Multiple answer with feedback

This template is similar to the “Single Answer” template, but here it is possible to have more than one answer marked as the correct one. As before, you can edit that under “Question 1” properties on the Properties tab. FasterCourse City Template Multiple Answer with Feedback page

Scenario True/False

„Scenario True / False” template contains an audio, three questions, and feedbacks. To add an additional question you must copy „Question 3”. Move it to desired location. To delete question, delete “Question 3” object group. To select True/False property, you need to edit each question separately under the Properties tab.

FasterCourse City Template Scenario True/False page

Thank you for using FasterCourse templates!
If you have any questions please contact us at service@fastercourse.com


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