Trivantis Lectora Templates, Games and Characters

Everything you need to deliver interactive and good looking elearning course in days.


Trivantis Lectora Templates

Course starters, tests and click and reveal templates will allow you to build modern looking e-learning courses for every taste.


Lectora RESPONSIVE templates – AML (contains 23 templates)


Lectora RESPONSIVE templates – Cakes (contains 18 templates)


Lectora templates – Adventure Orange (contains 21 templates)

Light Info Lectora

Lectora templates – Light Info (contains 18 templates)

Lectora data template

Lectora templates set – Data Set (contains 26 templates)


Lectora templates set- Breeze (contains 17 templates)

lectora vectors template

Lectora templates – Vectors (contains 22 templates)

Lectora templates – Dark Test (contains 18 templates)

Interactive lectora e-learning test templates

Lectora templates – Minimal Test (contains 18 templates)

lectora light test

Lectora templates – Light Test Set (contains 18 templates)


Lectora RESPONSIVE templates – Construction (contains 9 templates)


Lectora RESPONSIVE templates- Mountains (contains 7 templates)

lectora dark click and reveal

Lectora templates – Dark Click and Reveal (contains 8 templates)

Click & Reveal Lectora templates

Lectora templates – Minimal Click and reveal (contains 8 templates)

Lectora templates – Light Click and Reveal (contains 8 templates)

Lectora template set - Countryside

Lectora templates – Countryside (contains 38 templates)

Lectora template set - Oceanside Blue

Lectora template – Blue Oceanside (contains 34 templates)

Lectora templates – Dark Quiz Set (contains 9 templates)

quiz templates for Lectora

Lectora templates – Minimal Quiz (contains 8 templates)

light quiz lectora template

Lectora templates – Light Quiz Set (contains 9 templates)

Lectora templates – Office Map Set (contains 9 templates)


Lectora templates – Adventure Purple (contains 21 templates)


Lectora RESPONSIVE templates – Pavilosta (contains 4 templates)

Info page templates Minimal

Lectora templates – Minimal Info (contains 11 templates)

Lectora Dark Info templates

Lectora templates – Dark Info Set (contains 18 templates)

Lectora template set - Oceanside Yellow

Lectora templates – Yellow Oceanside templates (contains 34 templates)

Lectora template set - City

Lectora templates set – City Set (contains 34 templates)

Lectora templates – Minimal Conversation (contains 6 templates)

Lectora template set - Oceanside Gray

Lectora templates – Gray Oceanside templates (contains 34 templates)

Lectora template set - Startup

Lectora template set – Startup Set (contains 6 templates)

Lectora template set - Oceanside Red

Lectora templates – Red Oceanside templates (contains 34 templates)

basic lectora templates

Lectora template set – Basic Set (contains 18 templates)

Lectora template set - Oceanside Green

Lectora templates – Green Oceanside (contains 34 templates)

We have been using FasterCourse elearning templates for the past couple of years now and they are amazing!

Victoria Darnbrough
Learning and Development Specialist with Aviso Wealth

Trivantis Lectora Games

Use our Lectora game templates to build fun and engaging courses for your learners!


Free Lectora RESPONSIVE Game templates – Gustav’s trip

Lectora branching template

Lectora templates – Branching template (contains 6 templates)

Lectora Trivia game template

Lectora templates – ZOO Trivia game (contains 8 templates)

Lectora templates – Popular Choice Blue version (contains 4 templates)

troubleshoot lectora template

Lectora templates – Troubleshoot (contains 11 templates)


Lectora templates – Popular Choice Grey version (contains 4 templates)

Your templates allow me to focus on instructional design and not graphics which is a time saver!

Raquel Johnson
Learning Experience Architect

Illustrated Characters

Source files included, so you would be able to customize characters to match your needs perfectly.

How does the subscription work?

Pay once and get access to everything for a whole year.

Templates, games and characters – all included.

Instant access to all source files with unlimited downloads.

Get new additions with no extra cost for the next year.

About Trivantis Lectora templates

Everything you need to know about Lectora templates before you start.

Can I change logo, colors and everything in these templates?
Absolutely, these are TEMPLATES! You are welcome to use them any way you like, add your logo, change colors, background, add texts, videos, images etc.
Feel free.
Can I use these templates for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can definitely do that! After subscribing you can use the templates for commercial purposes, build your courses, sell your courses etc. But you cannot resell our templates. That would not be cool.
Do I get the new templates for free after subscribing?
Yes, all our current subscribers get all of the new templates for free, as long as they have active subscription.
Which Lectora version do I need to work with your templates?
Our templates works with Lectora 12 (limited variety), Lectora 16, Lectora 17 and Lectora 18.
Do you have responsive Lectora templates?
Yes, some of our templates are built for mobile devices too. You will find them in our library marked as “responsive”.
When can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription any time. No worries or hidden fees.