To open and use our template packages you need to have Articulate Storyline 2, Articulate Storyline 360 or Articulate Storyline 3 authoring tool.

How to change the logo

To change the FasterCourse logo to your logo, you need to go to the Slide Master view and upload and position your logo on the first slide. You can either delete the logo file or you can just change the image under Format tab if you want to maintain its the placement on the slides.

How to edit custom menu

The default menu is created automatically, using the slide titles, but the custom menu needs to be adjusted manually in the Slide Master view. To do so you need to open the corresponding layer of the first slide in Slide Master view (as shown below).

Articulate Storyline Guide Menu Layers

After you have selected the correct layout, you can change the background image, text formatting and manage other adjustments. After you have changed all text boxes to the correct labels, you need to adjust triggers to link to the correct slides in the course – simply click the blue slide link (f.ex, 1.3. Chapter Intro) to select another slide from your story to link the menu title to.

How to Import Slides from a Storyline Template

You can easily import few slides from the Storyline templates by using *.storytemplate file. In the current project select ‘Import from Storyline’ and choose the ‘.storytemplate’ file. Select the slide you want to add to your project and click Import.

Adjusting hotspots

This template package includes various hotspot slides. Some slides, like, Charts with Hotspot have simple trigger and layer functionality, but others, like Hotspot have more advanced trigger and layer functionality. If you want to have the same number of hotspots or reduce amount, you can simply edit the ones we made. To delete hotspot, just delete corresponding objects and layers for unnecessary hotspots.

If you want to make more hotspots, you just need to select the hotspot object on the Timeline or on the preview screen and copy it – by doing so you will also copy all corresponding triggers. After you have copied the hotspot itself, don’t forget to copy the corresponding hotspot popup layout. It also will have the same functions as original. To avoid misunderstandings and make it more obvious, we recommend to change the labels to hotspot and popup just after you have copied them. To tie together the popup layout and hotspot, you need to go to the hotspot triggers and change the Show layer Hotspot Popup 1 (see below) to the new layer you made. You don’t need to adjust any other triggers.

Articulate Storyline Guide Hotspot Triggers

To guarantee that each layer goes back to the original state (being hidden) you need to double-check that slide and each layout (if you made new hotspots) properties are just as you can see on screenshots below.

Articulate Storyline Countryside Guide Slide Layer Properties
Articulate Storyline Guide Slide Properties


Need help?

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