Top 15 Games in Articulate Storyline

We all know the regular e-learning page types – text and image, text and various hotspot variations and questions. However sometimes seems it just isn’t enough. Perhaps you want more interactions in your course or you just want to make sure that your target audiences’ attention hasn’t faded away. Possibly you just want to revive the learning flow by some more exciting slides. How about Storyline game templates? Some of them have more game elements, some – less.

Gustav’s trip

Let’s start with Gustav’s trip. This Storyline game template is great if you already have some storyline to follow and want to examine user by giving some questionnaire. Right now the game has a storyline of a guy getting ready for a camping trip. Introduction slides are followed by 4 questions. If the user answers correctly, he is rewarded with an item, valuable for the trip. Therefore you can use the template as it is, just adding all the necessary questions and information or, with a bit of creativity and customization, you can alter it for different situations as well – hospital stay, business trip, construction place, banking transactions…

FasterCourse Gustavs's trip template

FasterCourse Gustavs’s trip template

Trip Around The World

This one is a similar game to Gustav’s Trip, but in this case, you have to answer questions correctly in order to get a golden badge! There are 3 types of badges in this game and depending on the correct answer amount the user will get on of the badges at the end of the course. This is only one aspect of gamification that could improve the motivation for the user to finish the course with the best result to get the best prize. You can easily change the questions in this free Storyline template and the option to get a badge will still have the same functionality no matter how many questions you will add.


FasterCourse Trip Around The World

Ice cream

Most likely, this game rings a bell for most of us in the form of a stickman hanging down from the end of the rope in case of unsuccessful letter guessing. We believed that hanging someone for the sake of creating more exciting e-learning content is a bit too cruel, so our version includes simple, but delicious looking ice cream. For each incorrect letter, a chunk of ice cream is eaten. Also, this design may not suit all the needs and scenarios, but you can always choose different graphics for each step and replace ours. For some of our custom projects, we have created variations of this game, including mobile phone losing network coverage, battery draining or even an electricity cable being pulled out of power outlet.

FasterCourse Minimal Ice cream template

FasterCourse Minimal Ice cream template

Word guessing games

Like the previous game emphasizes on one word, this one gives you the chance to focus on eight words. Perhaps check if the learner can remember all the items in a specific category or listing? Or maybe all the team leaders or managers in the company? Milestone dates? Your imagination is the key, just remember that these games work best if the answer is only one or two words. Since you need to validate all the possible answers, it could get a bit messy if the answers would be overall expressions with five or more variations on how to paraphrase them. Hence better just stick with cities, countries, terms, names, numbers, colors and all the other things that can be described as short and as concise as possible.

We also have a couple of designs for this type of game – they will work with most of our e-learning templates. And, as always, you can customize them to completely suit your needs!

FasterCourse Popular choice gamification template blue

FasterCourse Popular choice gamification template blue

FasterCourse Popular choice template gray

FasterCourse Popular choice template grey

FasterCourse Popular choice gamification template

FasterCourse Popular choice gamification template


What if you have plenty of questions to ask your learner? Though you don’t desire to create a scenario and storyline like Gustav’s game. And you don’t fancy the idea of having a bunch of questions followed one by one. Then we may have a solution for you – the Storyline trivia game!

This e-learning template allows you to create 16 questions which are divided into 4 categories and 4 different values for correct answers. Of course, division by categories isn’t mandatory. We just believe that it brings some more color and structure. The same applies to scoring (right now it is 100, 200, 300 or 400 points for the correct answer and minus 100 points for the hint) – you can modify it to suit your needs.

For this gamification template, we also have a couple of designs and color schemes. Just choose which fits you the best and adjust it to fully match your needs.

FasterCourse Zoo template

FasterCourse Zoo template

FasterCourse Trivia template

FasterCourse Trivia template


FasterCourse Trivia Game Purple

Einstein’s riddle

Have you played this game? Actually, we hadn’t had that much experience with it before. Nevertheless, we gave it a try and found out its pretty great game – so we made it and right now it is available for free. To solve this one, your learner will need some logic and deduction skills. To make it a bit easier, he’ll also have 7 hints. The objective is to figure out which vehicle each girl used, which gift each bought and which beverage each drank.

The game has wonderful pastel tones, a lot of designed elements and a set of icons for each button. You can easily change these icons, using Storyline 360 stock library or your own assets. With a bit of work, you can also transform them into text or numbers.

FasterCourse Einsteins riddle gamification template

FasterCourse Einsteins riddle gamification template

Card Game

This is a simple game where you have given cards with facts and you have to decide if they are true or false. You can easily change the drop areas to anything else (Yes and No, Wrong and Right, etc.) and make this game about anything. With each dropped card learner will see if the answer is correct or wrong and will move on to the next card.


FasterCourse Card Game

Troubleshoot templates

We also have an e-learning template set ideal for troubleshooting problems and finding the right cause and solution for them. This template provides you with intro page where you can describe rules and the situation learner should research. Then he can use additional tips to find the right cause to the description or he can skip right to the cause options. After the correct cause is chosen, the learner can prove that he knows also the right solution. This template is great for technical problems and situations as well as for various situations with communication skills.

FasterCourse Troubleshoot template

FasterCourse Troubleshoot template

Branching templates

The importance of decision making can’t be understated when creating great e-learning courses. With that in mind, we made the branching templates. These templates allow you to set following questions, based on previous answers. For each correct answer, the character gets a bit happier and for each wrong answer, the learner is upsetting the character a bit more. Of course, as with the ice cream game and other of our e-learning templates, you can change the graphics so they suit your needs.

FasterCourse Branching template

FasterCourse Branching template


FasterCourse Branching Construction Template


FasterCourse Branching Business Template

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