What are the most popular quiz and test templates in e-learning?

What are the most popular quiz and test templates in e-learning?

Our experience shows that e-learning courses usually rely on three big whales when it comes to quizzes and tests, those are test questions with one correct answer, test questions with multiple correct answers and finally also some kind of drag and drop activity. You can see examples of these interactions below.

We have included this kind of functionality in almost all of our template design packages. So I could easily add some more examples, but that is not the point of this article. What about more variety? What else can be easily built using Authoring tools like Storyline, Captivate and Lectora?

Drag and Drop

First of all drag and drop can take multiple forms, not just basic ordering type of exercise, but users can be asked to drag and drop things on images, graphs, schemes, solve puzzle exercises. Some examples below:


Additionally basic quizzes can be used in wide variety of situations. My personal favorite is the video quiz, where user watches short part of the video, then is presented with question and several answer options and needs to choose the correct answer, after that video continues, and a new question can be asked. We have designed several types of basic yes or no type of quizes, which are very efficient in catching users attention with a quick interaction.

Choose Five

A few more ideas for quizzes, choose 5 is a great interaction, when you need to choose 5 out of 10 options, of course you can do 3 out of 6 or 7 out of 12 it does not really matter. And finally let’s not forget true or false questions.


And of course there is more, we added the ones we have used in our custom development projects the most, but if you have different perspective please share it by sending me an email: karlis@fastercourse.com.

BONUS: If you want a free inspiration for your e-learning we have created a list of all template types we could think of (around 100 types of interactions) for Storyline, Captivate and Lectora. Normally we use this list for our custom developed templates clients, but hey it can be used for other stuff too. Grab your free copy if you feel like you have had enough with text and image pages. 

List of all Storyline templates (.pdf)

List of all Captivate templates (.pdf)

List of all Lectora templates (.pdf)




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