Top 10 Adobe Captivate Games

After you have guided your learners through some theory, you might want to treat them with some refreshing exercises. We have noticed that games capture most of our learner’s attention and that’s why we wanted to create a list with our top Adobe Captivate game templates. All of them you can use in your own projects by replacing text and images and adjusting them to match your needs. Take a look and maybe you will find something that would look great in your next e-learning project!

Captivate Trivia Games

Replace your usual knowledge test with a trivia game and allow your learners to have a little fun! Our Adobe Captivate trivia templates allow you to create 16 questions which are divided into 4 categories and 4 different values for correct answers.

1. Zoo Trivia Game Template

Our Zoo Trivia game is the one that will get you the desired attention. It’s colorful, it’s fun and it will allow you to put a lot of information without having 20 text and image slides in a row. Learn some facts about animals in our Captivate Zoo trivia game template!

captivate_zoo_1 captivate_zoocaptivate_zoo


2. Colorful Trivia Game Template

This is another one of our Captivate trivia game templates. This one is more business style and it’s easy to adjust it to match your brand colors. The idea is the same and the learner will still have to answer most of the questions correct to earn the necessary points and finish the game!

captivate_trivia captivate_trivia captivate_trivia


Captivate Popular Choice Game

You all probably know the Popular Choice game, where you have to guess the most popular answer to a certain question. These Adobe Captivate game templates will allow you to change the questions and all answer choices so you would be able to create it about any topic you want. We created various versions of this game, so take a look and choose your favorite!

3. Blue Popular Choice Template

This is a colorful version of the popular game that will bring some refreshing accents to your elearning course and will look great with any topic. Try it out and see if you can guess the most visited countries in the world!

guess_the_words guess_the_words guess_the_words


4. Guess the words Game Template

This is on of our Popular Choice game templates or as we call it – Guess The Word game. It’s easy to use, you just have to replace the words in the game with your own and let your users guess them! Try it out and see if you can guess the most popular yellow fruits!

popular_choice popular_choice popular_choice


5. Gray Popular Choice Game Template

This is a bit darker Popular Choice game version for Adobe Captivate. We like it better, because it gives more contrast and allows you to focus only on the content.

popular_choice popular_choice popular_choice


Captivate Adventure Games

Who doesn’t love adventures? Creating a game with something other than an office or business theme is quite refreshing.

6. Gustav’s Trip Responsive Game Template

This Captivate game template is great if you need to check your users’ knowledge about any topic with simple single choice questions. At first, you will be introduced with a young man named Gustav who need help preparing for a trip. If you will answer correctly, Gustav will be rewarded with an item that is valuable for the trip. During the game, you will need to collect all necessary items – map, tent, first aid kit, and compass. This template set is also responsive, so click below and give it a try or download it for free here.

gustavstrip gustavstrip gustavstrip


Captivate Branching Games

Learning through personal experience is the best way to remember information. That’s why we created a scenario based branching templates that change the following questions based on the previous answer. The learner will be able to see if the answer was correct or not by the reaction of the character. For each correct answer, the character gets a bit happier and for each wrong answer, the learner is upsetting the character a bit more. In the end, you can award your learner with a diploma or give the chance to try again!

7. Construction Branching Game Template

This is one of our branching scenarios where we’ve recreated a job interview. We tried to make it as close to reality as possible by using short sentences, exclamations and contracted forms. You can replace the character and create the scenario about anything else!

construction_branching_captivate construction_branching_captivate construction_branching_captivate


8. Business Branching Game Template

This branching game allows you to play the scenario of a job interview and you will get different feedback for every choice you make! Try it out and see if you can land a job!

business_branching business_branching business_branching


9. Branching Scenario Game Template

Use this branching scenario template for Adobe Captivate and create exciting scenarios where you can play out real-life situations about any topic. Answer the questions, get feedback and watch an explanatory video at the end!

branching branchingbranching


Captivate Troubleshooting Games

We also have an e-learning template set ideal for troubleshooting problems and finding the right cause and solution for them. Troubleshoot games are great for training employees to solve real-life problems because they make you get to the root cause for the problem on your own and that’s the best way how to learn.

10. Troubleshoot Game Template

This template provides you with intro page where you can describe rules and the situation learner should research. Then he can use additional tips to find the right cause to the description or he can skip right to the cause options. After the correct cause is chosen, the learner can prove that he knows also the right solution. This template is great for technical problems and situations as well as for various situations with communication skills.

troubleshoot troubleshoot troubleshoot


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Adobe Captivate games are only a small part of our Adobe Captivate template library. Explore hundreds of course starters, test, click & reveal, info pages and other game templates. Click the button below and see these and 600 more Adobe Captivate templates!



  1. Hello, we are interested in purchasing a subscription for your templates (mid range). The challenge is we are part of a large organization (Alberta Health Services) and we have to be sure the templates will run through our captivate software on our learning management system (MyLearningLink). Would it be possible to demo one before we purchase?

    Debbie Pietsch, Manager, Education and Training NFLES/AHS

    • If your LMS supports scorm or xAPI, it will support Captivate course tracking, so there is no risk there. Our Captivate templates are built in Captivate, so if Captivate works with your LMS, our templates will work with your LMS as well :). I will send you a scorm package as an example.

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