Interactive e-learning templates for Articulate Storyline?

New Articulate Storyline templates

Recently we have released 5 new Articulate Storyline template packages, with 54 Articulate Storyline templates inside. What we tried to achieve with these releases is to go away from standard hotspot & text and image type of pages, and explore the area of more interactive e-learning templates. We included a bunch of cool stuff for conversations, quizzes, tests etc. Newly released Storyline templates provide much more options for the instructional designer, not only new types of test pages, but also different types of click & reveal type of interaction. This was done after having extensive discussions with our current clients, who gave us feedback that more options for the interactive pages would be great. With this new release features more than 50 different page types for e-learning templates, developed in different design variations.

We hope you will like the new templates as much as we do. And as you can probably sense from this post we are pretty excited about this. We are not planning to stop here, currently we are working on several new design ideas, and hopefully we will be able to share them soon. Maybe we will even arrange a voting competition, to allow you guys decide which templates to develop first. We will keep you informed.

Here is the list of the new template packages:

Articulate Storyline Conversation templates
Articulate Storyline Quiz templates
Articulate Storyline Test templates
Articulate Storyline Click & Reveal templates
Articulate Storyline Information templates


Articulate Storyline conversation template

Articulate Storyline conversation template



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