Gustav goes to Istanbul. And we launch a competition!

Our FasterCourse team recently received a nice surprise – a community member from Turkey just sent us the game he has developed using our Gustav’s Adventure template. Now turned into Traveling Vocabulary it serves as a learning tool for English language students in a Language school in Turkey. And it’s fabulous! Please take a look here. The author of this is Rıdvan Sağlam who has been teaching English for ten years, and, since 2012, working as an EFL teacher and instructional designer in UKLA Language Academy in Turkey.

The game template has been modified by adding a new female companion and it also now has a new interactive page which hopefully will make the learning process of English adjectives (‘Extreme Adjectives’, as they are called in the game) easier. As Rıdvan reveals, “I found the design and the idea so beautiful that I couldn’t stop myself from using it. I have always liked creating my own materials, and sharing them with the world. For five years, I have been running a blog where I share my online games and some other useful resources for English Language Learners.”

To be honest, we hoped that our templates are so convertible to make your dreams come true but this is the first time when we see that they really are! It’s working! 🙂

That’s why we would like to launch a competition! Modify our templates, impress us, and win a free library of our templates!

You can send your applications for the competition here until 15th of October:

You can compliment Rıdvan here:

Twitter: @rbsaglam

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