Free Storyline template Light Info

Here you can download the free Storyline template - Light Info. We really like it, we hope you will too. You can see a screenshot below and a full PREVIEW HERE.


Non Commercial Use Only

Free templates are provided for non comercial use only and you can use them only for testing purposes. If you would like to use these templates for your commercial projects please consider subscribing to template library. We have thousands of great templates, all demos here:

FasterCourse paid template library features dozens of similar design Light Storyline templates all available for commercial use.
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Free Light Articulate Storyline templates

A beautiful Articulate Storyline templates package, containing 8 templates, available for free download.
To download the template just hit the "Free Download" button, add your name, surname and email address, you will be redirected to download page, where you need to click on the download link. Additionally, we are going to send you a link to the download over email as well. We have also created an instructional video on how to use this template, you can see it here:

Articulate Storyline License

Important: You will need an active Articulate Storyline 2 license or Articulate 360 subscription to create courses with these Storyline templates. These templates are fully compatible with Articulate Storyline 360, but they do not use the responsive player from Storyline 360, as they are using our own beautifully designed custom navigation and menu. Disclaimer: Fastercourse templates have been developed by Fastercourse. We are an independent e-learning production company, and we don’t have any direct connection to


8 Articulate Storyline e-learning templates in total. Articulate Storyline e-learning templates include:

Course introduction Storyline template
Image plus text Storyline template
Hotspot template
Single Choice template
Drag and drop Storyline template
Congratulations or course end Storyline template
Menu template
Help page template
+ VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to use these templates!

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