5 Benefits of Using Course Templates

In addition to our e-learning template sets, we’ve been producing course templates for quite a while now. Currently, our course templates cover 15 popular topics, and we have several more in development (both for Storyline and Captivate users). So, we thought it’s time to tell you a bit more about how course templates can help you save time on elearning development process and allow you to be more productive by working on the things you most enjoy.

1. Relevant content

You will find no lorem ipsum or insert title here in our course templates – all pages have been pre-filled with relevant content like you would see in an off-the-shelf course. And the best part is that what you do with this content is completely up to you. You can keep the content as it is, or you can edit it to fit your needs. In other words, you have a solid basis for a course, but you’re not obligated to use it just as it is.


2. Custom graphics

All images used in our course templates are relevant to the corresponding topics. Furthermore, we’ve even created some custom icons and illustrations for you to play with. Again, feel free to use them as they are, or replace them with your own graphical materials!


3. Professional design

We stick to a simple and clean design for all our course templates. This makes it easier for you to update the look and feel of the course to match your company’s visual identity. Don’t hesitate to change colors and text formatting, add your logo – whatever you need.


4. A real time-saver

The goal of these templates is to give you a head start when producing your course. We have put in the hours so that you don’t have to! Our team has already come up with course structure, put together relevant content, designed all layouts and built them in two authoring tools- Storyline and Captivate. All you need to do is add details that will really make this course your own.


5. Unlimited number of users

There is no limit to how many projects you can build from one course template or how many organizations you use them for. The course template license allows you to deliver the courses you create to as many learners as you wish.


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Sounds interesting?

Do you feel like course templates might come in handy when building your next e-learning course? We have course templates about popular topics like Sale skills, Customer Service, Workplace Harassment, Data Protection, Negotiations, Business Ethics, Fire Safety, etc.

Click below to take a closer look at all course templates we’ve produced so far, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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