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Articulate Storyline templates – Quiz templates set – MINIMAL

We have created first specialized Articulate Storyline templates package, consisting of only interactive quiz templates. These are minimalistically and modernly designed and very well built templates, great for using with authoring tool Articulate Storyline. This template set consists of 7 handcrafted interactive eLearning quiz slides and includes everything you need to create your own interactive eLearning quiz section. You can see a Live Preview Here.

How do the templates work?

After purchasing templates, you can add your own content – texts and images – to create the slides. You can reuse templates to save tons of time by creating courses and/or tests very quickly. It is basically copy and paste job and in a few hours you will have 100 slide course ready for publishing. Let our template set help your imagination to sparkle! You can read a guide how templates work here.

Courses that work on iPads?

Our templates are built for Articulate Storyline, which allows HTML5 output. HTML5 output works on most devices including iPads and iPhones.

Course upload to LMS?

Articulate Storyline supports SCORM and Tin Can publishing, therefore you can build courses with these templates and then upload them to any LMS that supports SCORM or Tin Can (99% of LMS support one of these standards). Download these templates, add your content, texts, images and tasks. Then publish to SCORM or Tin Can and upload the course to your LMS. It’s super easy!

Articulate Storyline License or Subscription

Important: You will need an active Articulate Storyline 1 or Articulate Storyline 2 license or Articulate Storyline 360 subscription to create courses with these templates. These templates are fully compatible with Articulate Storyline 360, but they do not use the responsive player from Storyline 360, as they are using our own beautifully designed custom navigation and menu.

Disclaimer: Fastercourse templates have been developed by Fastercourse. We are an independent e-learning production company, and we don’t have any direct connection to https://www.articulate.com/


8 Articulate Storyline e-learning templates in total. Templates include:

Introduction Storyline template
Select and choose interactive Storyline quiz template
Hotspot question Storyline template
Video quiz Storyline template
Evaluate Storyline template
Graded Evaluate Storyline template
Check Storyline template
Graded Check Storyline template

Feel free to check out other templates in our library as well!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!