How to pick your templates well

Have you ever been shopping on sales and coming back with bags full of stuff but without the items that you really need? And nothing seems to match? Please be warned – this can happen with templates too. And that’s why we would like to help you with a couple of tips.

  1. Have your storyboard ready before picking the most exciting-and-gorgeous-looking templates. Try to imagine going through the upcoming course slide by slide so that you don’t forget to choose Course Title template.
  2. Think about the content you are planning to implement. Do you need more text or image based templates? This will help you to focus on the templates which will serve your purpose.
  3. If the amount of templates you can choose is limited you have to pick them very wisely so that the chosen set has maximum efficiency, i.e., all the templates will be often used. It would be more useful to choose simple templates you will adjust with different images and use them all the time instead of having one special template for that one idea you had in mind but maybe never even made into action.
  4. Test yourself well before choosing the test templates. Do you need just a couple of question pages or a separate test section? It’s easy to get so excited about having a test section in your course that it results in choosing Test start template, Corrrect feedback, Wrong feedback, Test end template, Test success template, Test fail template but almost no templates with actual tests!
  5. If you are a beginner, consider to choose mostly beginner’s level templates – it will make the adjustment process and course creation much faster and easier, and this way it’s more likely that you will operate with the full template set.
  6. Don’t fall in love with the most attractive template in the group. The most attractive usually is the most difficult to work with. Templates such as branching, troubleshoot or all the game templates will steal your attention and won’t let you to focus on what you really need. As a result you will have very beautiful templates whose production took long hours but with very limited options for adjustment, which means lower efficiency for your template set.

Long story short: Be realistic! Good luck!


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