How to effectively create elearning content

We spend around 70 % of our development time on creating elearning content. Is it too much? Should it be more? We don’t have the answer, but from gathering the data, we can tell that most of our development time goes to elearning content curation and creation. Once we realized that, we started to find ways how we could reduce this percentage so that we would have more time on developing unique solutions for each project.

Tips from Karlis on how to save time on creating elearning content

In one of our previous webinars we talked about how to supercharge your freelance elearning business and FasterCourse CEO Karlis shared his tips on how you can create elearning content more effectively. Watch the video and learn from our experience!

5 Ways How To Create Elearning Content

These are our suggestions that might help you effectively create elearning content for your next project.

1. Ask experts

Try to get input from subject matter experts, specialists, or anyone else who might have a different way of looking at your content. People who have created training about specific topics will probably know best what you should include in yours, so try to contact them and see if they can help you.

2. Research the field

Try to do research by finding what information would be useful for the training. Maybe you can create a survey or interview your clients or employees of what they would want to see in the training. You can also read blogs about the topic to better understand the problems that you might need to solve with this training.

3. Buy content

Consider buying content. I know at first it seems that you can probably find the content somewhere for free on the internet, but it takes time and effort. If you buy a pdf or a book about the topic, then you will already have organized and researched content that you will be able to use to create your elearning course.

4. Explore online courses

If the topic is not too specific, you can try to find similar training in online course libraries like Udemy. The courses usually are not expensive and you will be able to see what content others are presenting about the topic and how could you use it in your elearning courses.

5. Use Course Templates

If you need to create a compliance course or you want to create workplace soft skills courses, then you can take a look at our Course Template Library. It’s the fastest way how to get elearning content and you will also gain extra time on development because the content is already placed in an elearning course.


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