Flash Cards Memory Game template – What’s the hazard?

We have a new addition to our e-learning template library, a new game template :). This one is called “What’s the hazard?” and it is a memory flip cards game template. Available for both Storyline and Captivate users.

In this hazard’s discovery memory game, you will find several templates inside, that all support the game play, this is a flash cards game template, consisting of 18 flip cards, 9 out of them have hazards related icons, that need to be matched with the corresponding explanation, so for example “dangerous for the environment” hazard sign, needs to be matched with the corresponding explanation

There are 4 templates for Storyline and 4 templates for Captivate users, introduction page template, flash cards game template, try again page template and success page template. The built-in and custom graphics are easily adjustable to your brand colors.

Flash Cards Memory Game template – What is inside?

There are 4 template pages, first is the introduction page with the Start button. Then comes flash cards game template with 18 flash cards, lined up in 3 lines, with 6 flash cards in each line. Once you click on one of the flash cards it turns around and you can see what is hidden on the other side of the card, it is either an icon of a hazard or a name of a hazard. The Flash Card Memory games goal is to match the right pairs, so for example dangerous for the environment name, should be matched with the right icon. If you get the pair correct, it stays open and your task becomes easier, as there are less cards hidden, but if you guess wrong, the flash cards turn around again and you need to try again to open them by clicking. Usually it takes 3-5 times, till you get all of them right in the time given for this challenge. And finally there are two results pages, one with try again option if you have failed, and one success page template. If you feel this game is too challenging you can change the time limit, and add more time, and of course this is a game template, so if you don’t need 18 flash cards, but need less or more, you can adjust the game for more or less flash cards as well. And of course also all the design is customizable. So you have full control over this game template.

Flash Cards Memory game screenshots

flash cards memory game

Flash cards memory game layout closed

Flash cards memory game layout open

flash cards try again page

flash cards well done page

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