Elearning Projects with NDA: How to share them with your potential clients

Want to share an elearning project with your clients, but it’s under a non-disclosure agreement? This is a common problem for all instructional designers – you have created a masterpiece and would love to share it with all your potential clients (if not the whole world), but there is a small issue called a non-disclosure agreement, that doesn’t allow you to show it to anyone.

Even though you might feel hopeless at the beginning, we want to encourage you to don’t give up on the first try. We can offer you a few simple ways that you can try out without breaking any rules.

Our experience on how to share non-disclosure elearning projects with clients

Here you can see a short video from one of our elearning webinars where FasterCourse founder Karlis shares his experience of showing non-disclosure elearning project examples to our clients.

Ask permission to show examples

You can simply ask the company permission to share some parts of the project. Sometimes it’s enough to show your client a few pages to give them an idea of how the course looks and feels. Usually, they don’t even want to see the whole 1-hour long course with 40 slides anyway, so this would be a perfect solution for you.


If you don’t get permission to show some slide examples, you can try to ask if you can share some screenshots. You can blur the parts that you can’t show, but the client will still be able to evaluate the work you have done.

Live meetings

We also have had some strict non-disclosure agreements, but usually they agree that we can show some examples and screenshots in meetings with clients. Either it’s a live meeting or a virtual one, you can try to get permission to show the examples in person. Just make sure you don’t place them anywhere public and don’t send them to your clients, this might violate the agreement.

Change the content

You can also take the course example you have created and change the branding and content. This way you will be able to show the functionality of the example and you can tell how you built it and for what cause. It will take some time to think of new content that would work with the interaction, but if the example is good, it will probably be worth it.

Take samples

Usually there are some parts of the elearning project you are more proud of. Take them out of the context and use them to build a different example. Either it’s a cool menu or fun hotspot interaction, you can still use it to show your skills – just take out any content and relation to the company.

Give it a try

With these few simple steps we wanted to encourage you to take action and don’t waste an opportunity to fill your portfolio with great examples that you can truly feel proud of. Ask for permission and if you can’t get one – find another way how to show your best work examples on your resume.


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