Design matters

If you ever had an idea to create your own e-learning course you most probably already know how important is good design. If not, let me emphasize it once and for all: Design matters. The course is judged by its looks.

Even the most captivating information will appear lost and unattracive if the design will not meet the needs properly therefore it is crucial to give your graphic designer precise instructions. We have listed a couple of first-step-questions which will serve as a useful guidance for your graphic designer.

  1. Is there an aspect ratio or size for the course you prefer? Is it 4:3, 16:9 or 21:9?
  2. What is the skill level of your learners? They could be very experienced users of e-learning courses, and they as well could be not. Their non/-existing ability to navigate and find initially hidden information like under hotspots ect. will affect the design noticeably.
  3. Are there any brand guidelines which should be taken into consideration (colour, typography etc.)?
  4. Are there any elements like colours or typography you don’t want to use? (For example, the colours of your competitor which, I’m sure, you wouldn’t like to choose even in small doses but it’s not mentioned in the brand guidelines.)
  5. What style do you prefer – for example, one that’s more playful, trendy and based on flat design or one that’s formal and clean? (Here it would be great to offer a couple – but not too many to avoid confusion – of illustrative examples because what people understand by the same descriptions such as “modern” may differ.)

Ask these things to yourself or your client in order to receive a valuable feedback and avoid design ideas that do not comply with your identity or course theme. The answers to these questions should also diminish the probable number of future corrections (i.e., reduced stress and expenses, hurrah)!


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