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Sustainable Workplace

This course template allows you to quickly create a course about sustainability challenges in the workplace. This is a great starting point, just add your company specifics and launch course about sustainability in the workplace much faster.

This course template includes


Comprehensive content

26 pages divided into 6 chapters, covering recycling, electricity, heating, and other topics about the sustainable workplace.


Source files are included

Source files in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate allow easy course adaption to your specifics.


Knowledge check

‘Can you survive a year?’ game where the learner can check their knowledge about the course.


Interactive e-learning content

Theory and exercises are built into a proper e-learning course template. Structure & information flow as it should be.

Sustainable Workplace Course Template

Get an insight into this e-learning course template:

Valuable content

This course template covers:

  • Practical advice on how to save electricity,
  • Simple steps on how to use heating and ventilation more efficiently,
  • Ways you can avoid water waste in your workplace,
  • Good practices for reducing and recycling waste.

The learner will understand:

  • Reasons why everyone should invest in sustainability,
  • How to adjust daily habits to minimize company’s expenses on electricity, heating and ventilation,
  • How to reduce waste and recycle in the workplace,
  • Why everyone must be involved in creating a sustainable workplace.

I am really impressed with the instructional design that went into the courses. The content is very rich and relevant.

Ana W.

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Course template features


Complete content

Professional content from our instructional designers.


Get source files

Source files in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate included.


Add your logo

Add your logo and brand colors. It’s quick and easy.


Pay once

Pay only once, no annual payments or subscriptions.


Unlimited usage

Create courses for your clients or your organization, train as many as you need.


Report results

All course results can be reported to any LMS.

Pricing options

Need a single course template, a whole library or help with customization? We got you covered.

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One time payment
This course template includes:
Sustainable Workplace theory and interactions
Games and knowledge checks
26 pages in 6 chapters
30 min learning time

HTML5 based
SCORM compatible
Source files for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate




One time payment
Course Template Library includes:
Sustainable Workplace
+ Sales Skills template
+ Customer Service template
+ Negotiation Process template
+ Negotiation Skills template
+ Business Ethics template
+ Workplace Harassment template
+ Conflict Resolution template
+ Data Protection template
+ Fire Safety template
+ Efficient Meetings template
+ Manual Handling template
+ Team Management template
+ Mental Health: Remote Work template
+ Presentation Skills template

Source files for Storyline and Captivate for all course templates
One time payment
This package includes:
Everything from Course Library package

+ 20h custom development from FasterCourse team to help you customize the course templates

+2h live online training from FasterCourse team on how to use and customize course templates




About Course Templates

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Can I create courses with these course templates for my clients?
Yes, you can use our courses templates to create courses for unlimited number of organizations, your organization and your clients as well. You can customize them to match your client’s needs.
Can I change the content and images in course templates?
Sure, you will get source files and you can add more content, delete some slides or change the images. Feel free.
How does the course template license work?
With the license you can use this course template to train unlimited number of learners in as many organizations as you wish. View the full license here.
Will the courses built with your course templates work with my LMS?
You can export each course as a SCORM package and they will work perfectly fine with any SCORM-compatible LMS.
I don’t have any authoring tool. Can you create custom courses for me using these course templates?
Sure, we will more than happy to help you customize them. Contact us for more details and pricing at
Do I have to pay for each user who will be learning from the courses created with these course templates?
No, there are no limits to the number of users that can learn from courses created with these course templates.

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