Course Templates: How do they work and what’s inside

Interested to take a look at how our course templates look from the inside? For the last two years, we have been working to create 15 course templates and for each template we have spent 200 hours on development. This includes finding valuable content, planning storyboards, designing and putting it all together as a complete course so you would be able to save your time.

We want you to be able to unlock your full potential and with course templates, you will have more time to focus on creating unique solutions for your clients rather than spending 70% of your time on finding content, building course structure, and putting it all together.

How do the course templates work?

We created a short video demonstrating what you can do with course templates and how you can use them to supercharge your freelance elearning business.

Popular Elearning Topics

Course templates have various topics that you can use to build courses for your clients. You can easily adjust the content and personalize it to any organization. We continuously work on new course template topics, so you would have the ability to build an extensive elearning course library from our course templates.

Here you can see the topics that you can use to build elearning courses in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate –

Sales and Customer Service Course Templates
Sales Skills
Customer Support
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Process
Conflict Resolution

Leadership and Management Course Templates
Efficient Meetings
Team Management
Conflict Resolution
Presentation Skills

Compliance Course Templates
Data Protection
Workplace Harassment
Business Ethics
Sustainable Workplace

Health and Safety Course Templates
Fire Safety
Manual Handling
Mental Health: Remote Work
Food Safety (coming soon!)

Leave a comment if you have some ideas of what should be the next course templates topic and preview short demos of all course templates by clicking below!



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