Elearning Test Templates with Countdown Functionality

If you are looking to jazz up your test pages (… or if you are into all-things-plants right now), this Countdown Test template is for you! Inspired by your requests we decided to create an entire template set dedicated to timed question pages!

In this plant-themed set you will find single and multiple choice, drag & drop and text input pages with an adjustable timer functionality in each. It also includes Menu, Help and Result page templates.

There are 17 templates for Storyline and 16 templates for Captivate users. The built-in and custom graphics are easily adjustable to your brand colors. And – in case you love the design but are not into the idea of a timed test, the timer can be removed altogether! Check out the full demo or keep reading to find out more.

Single choice templates

There are 3 different single choice templates to choose from – a classic single choice layout or two variations for horizontally distributed answer options.

Countdown Template Single-choice Option 1

CountdownTemplate Single-choice Option 2

Multiple choice templates

Continuing on, the template offers two templates for multiple choice questions – a two column option, and a classic layout.

Countdown Template Multiple-choice Option 1

Countdown Template Multiple-choice Option 2

Drag & drop templates

If you are into interactive knowledge checks, we’ve got you covered! There are 5 drag & drop layouts in total for you to choose from – sorting, matching, and more!

Countdown Template Dragdrop Option 1

Countdown Template Dragdrop Option 2

Text entry templates

We also created some text entry templates, and we love the result! There are 2 text entry templates for Storyline users and 1 for Captivate users. We adjusted the design in each to suit the software, and both results are equally beautiful!

This is the Storyline option:

Countdown Template Text Entry Option 1

And this is the Captivate design:

Countdown Template Text Entry Option 2

Results slide template

Of course, no test template is complete without a results slide! Depending on how well they did on the test, the learner will get a success or fail message, and an option to try again!

Countdown Template Results Option 1

Countdown Template Results Option 2

Menu and Help templates

And last but not least, we created custom menu and help pages that match the theme of the template. As always, the contents of the pages can be changed and adapted to your needs!

Countdown Template Menu page

Countdown Template Help page

See Full Demo

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Psst… If you haven’t given into the houseplant craze this year, then this template set will definitely change that!

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