Comparison of authoring tools

Since we are an e-learning company our blog posts are all about the authoring tools – what are they, why do we want to use them and why do we need to use them. In this context we mostly talk about Lectora Trivantis (with the newest version being Lectora 16), Articulate Storyline (current version: Storyline 2, update 8), as well as Adobe Captivate with the current version of Captivate 9. Of course these aren’t the only authoring tools used to create fantastic e-learning courses, but these are among the most popular tools and most likely you will use one of them.

After you have made a decision to create an e-learning coursez, you need to make the next big step – deciding which authoring tool you need. To figure out which one works the best for you is really important decision as, most likely, you won’t like to change your authoring tool later. We plan on making a series of blog posts comparing these three authoring tools and we hope that these articles will help you to decide which authoring tool to implement in your company.

We will compare authoring tools in the following categories:

  • Environment. In this post there will be information about different operating systems as well as different web browsers supporting authoring tools. We will also take a look at devices the courses are going to be used on and which authoring tool allows to use responsive design and which one doesn’t.
  • Functionality. In this blog post we will tell more about different kinds of functionalities each authoring tool can provide with. We will also look at how hard or easy it would be to implement some additional features which aren’t originally meant to be used in each authoring tool.
  • Changes. We will try to sum up how quickly you can change your course content after it is published.
  • Usability. In this post we will try to figure out how easy (or not-so easy) is to use each authoring tool and how familiar does the authoring tool’s interface look to a new user, who has worked with Microsoft Powerpoint before. 

Stay tuned for more information very soon!


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