Introduction to Adobe Captivate 2019

About this lesson

In this lesson, you will learn how to work with Adobe Captivate 2019 and where you can find all the necessary tools for you to build e-learning courses in a fast and effective way.

1. Getting Started

We will cover the first steps on how to open the file and save a project and slowly we will move on to some of the necessary tools that you will need while working with Adobe Captivate 2019. You will learn how the timeline works and how you can show and hide elements in your slide.

2. Masterslide & Object Styles

We will walk you through master slide view and object styles. You will see how easy it is to add objects in the master slide so they would be visible in all slides. Together we will create a new object style that you will later use to improve the look and feel of your project with a few simple clicks.

3. Create Text and Image Slides

You will learn how to add new slides to your project and how to change the master slide for each slide. We will add text fields and images and with previously built styles we will get a nice looking text and image slide in few minutes.

4. Build a Simple Video Slide

Video slides are wildly popular, we will show you how you can add video slide to your project and how easy it is to change the player.

5. Single Choice Question Slide

Together we will add a new question slide to this project and we will show you how easy you can add new answer options or change the question form from single to multiple choice with one click. We will show you how you can set the correct answer and where you can find all feedbacks.

6. Build a Drag and Drop Slide

Step by step we will show you how the drag and drop interactions are made. We will create all objects and you will see how you can set the correct answers and add more answer options.

7. Publish Your Course in SCORM

This is one of the most important steps and we will show you where you can change publish settings and how you can publish your course in SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

Exercise files

Here you can download the exercise file for this class. This package consists of one Adobe Captivate 2019 file with the final version of this task.


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