Complete the Captivate Training Program and earn a completion certificate to prove your skills.

Ready to build your career with Captivate?

Learn how to master Captivate with our step-by-step training videos and get a completion certificate that will prove your new skills!


How to earn a completion certificate?

Watch training videos, apply for the exam, and receive a completion certificate with your name.



Watch training videos and use practice files to master your Captivate skills. After you have finished the training, you can apply for the exam.



You will have to show your newly acquired Captivate skills by completing various tasks. Then you will submit your work and we will grade it and let you know whether you have passed the exam.



You will receive a personalized certificate of completion with your name on it once you have fully finished the training and successfully completed the exam.

Show your new skills and earn a certificate

Once you have finished all the training videos, you can apply for the exam. You will receive tasks with instructions that you will need to complete to receive the completion certificate.

Only members with an active Captivate Training Program subscription can apply for the exam!



Common questions about the exam

  • How will I receive the certification of completion?

    Once you will submit a completed exam, our team will check your work. If you’ll obtain a grade of at least 90%, we will send you a completion certificate with your name on it.

  • How fast will I receive my completion certificate after finishing the exam?

    If you pass the exam you will receive the final score status and completion certificate within 10-14 working days after completing the exam. If you didn’t pass the exam, you will be able to submit it again for the second review. We will let you know the results either way.

  • What happens if I fail the exam?

    If you fail on your first attempt, you will be able retake the exam. If you fail to pass on the second or any subsequent attempt, you will have to pay a fee of $15 to retake it.

  • Can I get a completion certificate if I don’t have an active subscription?

    No, only members with an active subscription can get the completion certificate. The FasterCourse Captivate Training subscription is active for a year and if you didn’t manage to complete the exam within the first year of the subscription, then you need to extend the subscription for another year to be able to receive the completion certificate.

  • Is this completion certified issued from Adobe?

    No, this training program and completion certificate is created by FasterCourse and it doesn’t have any relation with Adobe.

  • What can I do with the completion certificate?

    You can place it on your resume or add to your LinkedIn profile to show that you have mastered Adobe Captivate.

  • How long does the certification last?

    The completion certificate is valid for two years. Adobe is constantly updating Captivate with new features – some information in our training program might become irrelevant, be changed or replaced. We are continuously updating our training program.

  • What happens with the certification when my subscription ends?

    The completion certificate will still be valid even if your Captivate Training subscription has already ended. But keep in mind that only active subscribers can get the completion certificate.

Pricing options

Learn from our training videos or choose the complete training program and get a certificate!

Don’t miss out our special offer – whole training program with videos and completion certificate only for $149 (regular price $199). Offer valid until July 26, 2024.

Per user
This plan includes:
90 bite-sized video tutorials
Practice files for each task

+ Email Support
Per user
This plan includes:
90 bite-sized video tutorials
Practice files for each task
Completion Certificate

+ Priority Support

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