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Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy our new Storyline 360 course example! In this example, you will learn some interesting facts about airports. We created an e-learning course example using Storyline motion path triggers, so you would be able to learn how they work. Take your seat and let’s get started!

Motion path triggers

This functionality allows users to create a movement based on an action happening in the slide. Once you add a motion path to any object, the trigger is automatically added and you can easily change the action. In this case, we created a trigger that creates a movement path when one object overlaps the other. So when the plane intersects any of the points in the slide, an action takes place.

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Download free source file

Feel free to download this example to learn how to use motion path triggers and you will easily find out how they can help you create more engaging courses! Click the button below, fill int the details and you will get instant access to this course example.