About the Download

Using a good e-learning storyboard template is one of the key aspects of creating a successful e-learning course. Good storyboard template will help you create a well-structured course that you will be able to share to your clients and subject matter experts and it will help them clearly understand and visualize your course before it’s even started.

We have created a free storyboard template for e-learning courses that will help you create professional and easy to use a storyboard. This storyboard template will help you:

  • Organize your course content in sections and slides
  • Save time by creating an easy structure for your course
  • Get concise feedback from SME or client
  • Show the necessary information about media and funcionality
  • Look professional and organized

Click the button below and download free Word file with 3 pages – Instructions, Course Description, and Storyboard template. Enjoy!

Elearning Storyboard



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