About the Download

Free Drag and Drop Template

Simple and fun drag and drop template built with Adobe Captivate. Drag the correct superhero to the correct universe box. These templates are build with Adobe Captivate 9, but you can also use them with Adobe Captivate 2017 and it will work just fine! Download this free e-learning template and add it to your next e-learning project!


Non Commercial Use Only

Free templates are provided for non comercial use only and you can use them only for testing purposes. If you would like to use these templates for your commercial projects please consider subscribing to Fastercourse.com template library. We have thousands of great templates, feel free to check out other Captivate templates in our library!

Adobe Captivate License

Important: You will need an active Adobe Captivate 9, Adobe Captivate 2017 or Adobe Captivate 2019 license to create courses with these Adobe Captivate templates. One of the easiest ways to obtain a license is to buy a monthly subscription, which depending on region costs around 25 USD per month (we pay 23.99 euros monthly). Disclaimer: Fastercourse templates have been developed by Fastercourse. We are an independent e-learning production company, and we don’t have any direct connection to http://www.adobe.com/