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Adobe Captivate templates package – Adventure Orange

Are you sitting at your desk wondering about your next vacation? So do we. We created this template package with ease, combining colors and some new functionalities, that will help you create outstanding e-learning courses. Get inspired by our new Adventure templates!

How do the e-learning templates work?

After purchasing e-learning templates, you can add your own content, texts, images, videos etc. You can reuse e-learning templates to save tons of time by creating courses very quickly. It is basically copy and paste job and in a few hours you will have 100 page course ready for publishing.

Courses that work on iPads?

These e-learning templates are built for Adobe Captivate 9, which allows HTML5 output. HTML5 output works brilliantly on any device including iPads and iPhones.

Course upload to LMS?

Adobe Captivate supports SCORM and Tin Can publishing. Therefore you can build courses with these templates and then upload them to any LMS that supports SCORM or Tin Can (99% of LMS support one of these standards). Download these templates, add your content, texts, images and videos. Then publish to SCORM or Tin Can and upload the course to your LMS. Super Easy.

Adobe Captivate License

Important: You will need an active Adobe Captivate 9 license to create courses with these Captivate templates. One of the easiest ways to obtain a license is to buy a monthly subscription, which depending on region costs around 25 USD per month (we pay 23.99 euros monthly).

Disclaimer: Fastercourse templates have been developed by Fastercourse. We are an independent e-learning production company, and we don’t have any direct connection to http://www.adobe.com/


21 Adobe Captivate e-learning templates in total. Captivate e-learning templates include:

Course introduction page template
Help page template
Menu template with 6 sections
Menu template with 3 sections
Menu template with 2 sections
Section (Chapter) introduction template
Text plus images
Timeline template
Hotspot page with icons that represent the corresponding content
Process timeline template
Summary template with key points animated
Video page template
Click and reveal page with 5 sections template
Click and reveal page with 9 sections template
Test start page template
Drag and drop page with boxes template
Drag and drop on image template
Single answer page template
Multiple answer page template
True or False page with 5 statements template
Test Success and Fail page template
Course end / contacts template

Feel free to check out other templates in our library as well!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!