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Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment course is designed to help you recognize workplace harassment and the various forms it can take. You will also learn about strategies that you can apply to handle harassment situations.

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Workplace Harassment Course

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This course is designed to help you recognize workplace harassment and the various forms it can take. You will also learn about strategies that you can apply to handle harassment situations.

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This course covers:

  • Definition of harassment,
  • Common misconceptions and excuses,
  • Consequences of harassment,
  • Recognizing and handling harassment,
  • Types of workplace harassment – racial, sexual, gender, age, etc.

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This course includes:
Anti Harassment theory and interactive exercises
Knowledge Check
46 pages in 6 chapters
40 min learning time

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SCORM compatible
Source files for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

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Customization includes:
Workplace Harassment course
+ Sales Skills course
+ Customer Service course
+ Negotiation Process course
+ Negotiation Skills course
+ Business Ethics course
+ Conflict Resolution course

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About this course

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Can I use this e-learning course for my clients?
Yes, you can use our courses for unlimited number of organizations, your organization and your clients as well. You can customize them to match your client’s needs.
Can I change the content and images in the courses?
Sure, you will get source files and you can add more content, delete some slides or change the images. Feel free.
How does the e-learning course license work?
With the license you can use this course to train unlimited number of learners in as many organizations as you wish. View the full license here.
Will this e-learning course work with my LMS?
You can export each course as a SCORM package and they will work perfectly fine with any SCORM-compatible LMS.
I don’t have any authoring tool. Can you customize this course for me?
Sure, we will more than happy to help you customize them. Contact us for more details and pricing at
Do I have to pay for each user who will be learning from these courses?
No, there are no limits to the number of users that can learn from these courses.