10 Years – Special offer

We started FasterCourse about 10 years ago. Time flies. I still remember our first sale. It was $19 sale of Lectora template package Blue Ocean on March 2nd 2015. I remember jumping for joy. We had been building WordPress online shop for more than a year, and by that time we had invested hundreds if not already thousands of hours in developing template library, we had a few, but not too many. It was just an idea at the time, and idea, that I believed in, and I think my colleagues also believed in. That people will want a beautifully designed templates for their learning. And we went for it already in 2013, and it took as almost 2 years till the first sale :). But it was worth it.
I believe founders have to be a bit crazy, like that story about frogs, that all frogs want to climb a tower, and none can, all fall at some point while climbing, and then there is one frog that does climb till the top of the tower, and then everyone wants to understand how and it appears she is simply deaf and she didn’t hear others saying it is impossible. And the same is with small businesses sometimes :). We kept building, and the first sale came, and then the second, and so forth. I remember we had a plan to have the most templates in the world, and we went for it, but then we lost count and some competitors started hiding their numbers, so we don’t know if we achieved it or not :).
I believe the greatest success factor was, surprise surprise 🙂 – we had a great team, and FasterCourse wouldn’t be where it is now without Artis, Līga, Līva, Dambis, Lauzis, Krišjānis, Jānis, Anete, Kaspars, Ieva, Kārlis V, Kārlis III, Mārcis, Ilze, Anita, Signe, Laura, Dagnija and others, we had amazing clients in the custom development, that fuelled our template building rocket, as all extra money and time we invested in FasterCourse.
We have had a lot of big name clients, but the proudest I am for NASA being our client, that was a Cinderella story for a small Latvian company.
Back in 2022 I sold the custom development part to our amazing clients in Sweden, Lexicon, and since then FasterCourse has been focusing on developing new stuff. I just looked at our plans that we announced in July 2023, and we have developed all of them. So no too bad :).
I am very very grateful to everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to work here and develop cool stuff. So thank you to all our clients, supporters, and of course our team.
What next? We are about to release new character pack and we are thinking about next strategic releases, not sure yet, we have several ideas, time will show.
But while we think about it, here comes a once in 10 years opportunity to get the amazing templates and courses with 50% discount. Use discount code: STARTMEUP. Discount codes can be added at the checkout page, this one will be valid for 14 days.

Thank you and watch this space as new stuff is coming.