About the Download


Character set with 3 family members – grandma Sophia, grandpa William and granddaughter Amelia is a great addition to our previous characters. Completely new design, that you can easily customize and add to your e-learning courses. They are cheerful and happy, but they can also show you a grumpy face. You can experience full range of emotions with these three new characters.

Our family members character set includes 15 images per character. All of them are available on a transparent background. Almost all of the images are at least 1000 x 1500 pixels, but the size may vary. So in total 45 images. In addition you will receive Adobe Illustrator files for each character so you will be able to make changes easily. Therefore you can change the colours to match your design with no hesitation!

If you want to preview how our characters look like, you can get a free version of our office workers character pack, that includes 5 images per character, and no illustrator file. You can download the free version here: https://fastercourse.com/template/free-characters-e-learning-courses

Contents of this download:

  • Amelia in 15 different poses (.png image files)
  • Sophia in 15 different poses (.png image files)
  • William in 15 different poses (.png image files)
  • Illustrator files for each character

This character set is also part of the Entire Library subscription ($349 per year), see more details here: https://fastercourse.com/template/entire-library-download