To open and use this template package you need to have Lectora 11 or newer version of Lectora authoring tool.
This Guide consists of two parts: how to edit information on pages and what kinds of templates you can find in this template package.

How to edit information in templates

This template package shows a quick look in capabilities of templates. There is an example of simple text page and a text page with interactions.

Next there will be a simple explanation how to use templates and create content.

Add new chapters and sections

To add new parts to your course, you need to use the highlighted area on the Home tab. For example, at first, you add a chapter and then you can add pages and sections to it. You can add as many chapters and pages as you want.FasterCourse Free Template Home tab Ribbon

Here we have added a new chapter by pressing “Chapter” on the Home tab ribbon. Every chapter is created with a single page in it. You can later delete this page, if it is unnecessary.

FasterCourse Free Template New Chapter menu

Add pages from the list of templates available

Now we want to add one of the template pages to the Chapter 2. To add, for example, “Text and image” template page you need to select it (already done) and choose “Copy” option from the right-click menu or press Ctr+C. Then select Chapter 2 and paste page there by using right-click menu or Ctrl+V. The page will be added to the chapter and you will only need to edit info in it.

FasterCourse Free Template Right hand menu2

Reorganise pages or chapters

To reorganise pages or chapters, you can simply mark the section you want to move, and drag it to desired place. For example, below you can see that “Text and image” page will be dropped after “Assessment” page.

FasterCourse Free Template change order menu
If you drag and drop just a page, then only a page with all objects in it moves, but if you drag and drop a whole section or chapter, it comes together with all pages beneath it.

Delete object, page, section or chapter

To delete an item you just need to mark it and delete by pressing Delete or Backspace on keyboard or by choosing relevant option from the right-click menu.

FasterCourse Free Template Right hand menu

Change text field

Here you see a “Course intro” page with all of the objects in it. To edit, for example “Content” you need to double click the field on the preview page or choose “Edit” option from the right-click menu on the Title Explorer.


Change image or background

If you want to change the image, first you need to select the relevant object on the Title Explorer (in this case, it’s “0-0-TextImage-img-dummy”) and then go to the Ribbon and under the Properties tab you can load a different image from your computer.FasterCourse Free Template Change image menu
Images and backgrounds are changed very similarly in Lectora – to change background, you need to select the background image and go to the Properties tab to change this image to another.

Change video

This is very similar to changing an image. You also need to select the right object from the File Explorer and then go to the Properties tab and change the video source via Video section.

FasterCourse Free Template Change video menu

Change audio

Very similar action to image and video changes. You just mark the audio object on the File Explorer and go to the Properties tab to change the source.

FasterCourse Free Template Change audio menu

Add your own logo and title to the course

To change FasterCourse logo to your logo as well as course title, you need to use the GUI_EDIT_ME!!! Section from the File Explorer. Do not edit other sections, marked as DO_NOT_EDIT, as they contain information and objects to run your course smoothly. They are already set up, so you don’t need to make any adjustments to these sections.
On the other hand, GUI-EDIT_ME!!! section contains information about your course title, main menu (this is created automatically, by taking Chapter names) and your logo. You can change this separately as this is the info that repeats on every page of your course.
The logo and the course title change is really simple – they are regular text and image objects. We have explained how to edit them a bit earlier in this guide.

FasterCourse Free Template GUI Edit me menu

Change the name of a chapter, page or any other element

To change the name of chapter (as they automatically come numbered as Chapter 1, Chapter 2 …) you need to select the correct object on the File Explorer and then go to the Properties tab and change the name. The same applies for pages, sections and all other content.

FasterCourse Free Template Change name menu

Add or remove a hotspot

 To add a new hotspot to your page, you need to add a new hotspot group where you will copy and paste elements from one of the existing hotspot’s objects. In this case we want to copy the Hotspot_3, so we have selected the “Audio_3”, “Hotspot_3”, and “HotspotPopup_3”, and “hotspot_info_3”.

FasterCourse Free Template Hotspot menuYou also need to go to the “reset_stage” and copy the ”Hide_Popup_3” and place it after existing ones, and edit this objects target information, by selecting which popup you want to hide. The new hotspot should work properly without a name change, but it is better to rename new objects so that there is a unique name for each of them.

FasterCourse Free Template Hotspot Reset stage menu

To remove the hotspot, you need to select elements as you would do to make a new hotspot. After you have selected the related object groups, delete them.

You can also change the location of the hotspot to a more appropriate one by selecting the right object on the preview page and moving it around the page.

What kind of templates are included in this package?

This package is a short introduction to possibilities of Lectora templates and it includes 3 pages – introduction page template, assessment template and a closing page.

Course intro template

This template is a simple text page. You have a title (besides the logo) and intro text. You can use this type of page for course intro, chapter intro and also for the conclusion pages. You can change the text, displayed in the page as well as background. It is a good practise to add intro page to every chapter.


Assessment template

This is an interactive text page. By clicking on each circle, user gets a different feedback text on the right side of page. If you want to edit the feedback content, you need to edit the “feedback_Choice_X”, but, if you want to change the text which appears above circles, you need to edit “Choice X Text” (as you remember, you can always just double-click the right field on the Preview page).


Congratulations template

This is a simple text page with a heading, content and background image. You can add these pages after every chapter or at the end of the course.


Thank you for using FasterCourse templates!
If you have any questions please contact us at service@fastercourse.com


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